Friday, December 19, 2014

Loving Sanctuary by Becca Van

Loving Sanctuary by Becca Van
Slick Rock Series, Book 12
Publisher: Siren Publishing (December 2014)
125 pages, eBook (purchased myself for $4.40)
Book Rating: 4 Stars
Sensuality: Red Heart

After inadvertently opening one of her boss’s emails, Sabrina overhears him order her death, which sends her on the run and she ends up in Slick Rock where she collapses in the diner from fatigue and a bad case of the flu. Lucky the Wendall brothers (Trick, Trent & Tristan) are there and they take her back to their house to nurse her back to health, but when they find out about the danger she’s in, they all move out to the Heritage brothers Ranch for a while, hoping to lie low. I thought the illness was a bit of an interesting twist, the brothers fawning over her in her fevered state, but she seemed better way faster than I thought was realistic. Maybe it’s just me but the kissing, and interest in other things, while she was sick, seemed a little unrealistic as well. Nonetheless, Sabrina had great chemistry with all three Wendell men, and it was a really enjoyable read. I hope the Heritage brothers (Hank, David & Barry) are next! Great Series!

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