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Abel, Leota M. Mail Order Menage
Ames, Solace. The Dom Project
Ames, Solace. Tomorrow's Much Too Long
Arthur, A. M. Cost of Repairs
Ashley, Kristen. Breathe
Ashley, Kristen. A Christmas to Remember
Ashley, Kristen. Creed
Ashley, Kristen. Deacon
Ashley, Kristen. Fire Inside
Ashley, Kristen. For You
Ashley, Kristen. The Gamble
Ashley, Kristen. Jagged
Ashley, Kristen. Kaleidoscope
Ashley, Kristen. Knight
Ashley, Kristen. Lady Luck
Ashley, Kristen. Law Man
Ashley, Kristen. Motorcycle Man
Ashley, Kristen. Mystery Man
Ashley, Kristen. Own the Wind
Ashley, Kristen. Raid
Ashley, Kristen. Ride Steady
Ashley, Kristen. Rock Chick
Ashley, Kristen. Rock Chick Reckoning
Ashley, Kristen. Rock Chick Redemption
Ashley, Kristen. Rock Chick Regret
Ashley, Kristen. Rock Chick Renegade
Ashley, Kristen. Rock Chick Rescue
Ashley, Kristen. Rock Chick Revenge
Ashley, Kristen. Rock Chick Revolution
Ashley, Kristen. Sweet Dreams
Ashley, Kristen. Wild Man
Ayers, E. A Rancher's Woman
Ayers, E. Sweetwater Springs Christmas

Banks, Maya. Callie's Meadow
Banks, Maya. Colters' Daughter
Banks, Maya. Colters' Gift
Banks, Maya. Colters' Lady
Banks, Maya. Colters' Legacy
Banks, Maya. Colters' Promise
Banks, Maya. Colters' Wife
Banks, Maya. Colters' Woman
Banks, Maya. Giving In
Banks, Maya. Highlander Most Wanted
Banks, Maya. In Bed with a Highlander
Banks, Maya. Letting Go
Banks, Maya. Never Love a Highlander
Banks, Maya. Never Seduce a Scot
Banks, Maya. Seduction of a Highland Lass
Banks, Maya. Taking it All
Banks, Maya. Theirs to Keep
Barclay, Celeste. His Highland Lass
Belleau, Heloise. The Dom Project
Bold, Diana. Briony's Soldiers
Bold, Diana. Forget Me Not
Bold, Diana. Halcyon Rising
Brand, Blaire. A Simple Christmas
Brentwood, Charlotte. The Vagabond Vicar
Brisbin, Terri. Highlanders (The Forbidden Highlander)
Bryce, Harmony. Accidental Love
Bryce, Harmony. Forbidden Love
Bryce, Harmony. Lost Love
Bush, Holly. Charming the Duke
Bush, Holly. Cross the Ocean
Bush, Holly. Reconstructing Jackson
Bush, Holly. Romancing Olive
Bush, Holly. Train Station Bride
Butler, Allison. The Healer
Butler, Reece. 1 Bed, 2 Weddings, 3 Husbands
Butler, Reece. The Badger City Gang
Butler, Reece. Barefoot Bride for Three
Butler, Reece. The Bartered Bride
Butler, Reece. Beauty and the Beasts
Butler, Reece. Captive Bride
Butler, Reece. Captive Love
Butler, Reece. Compromised Cowgirl
Butler, Reece. A Contract Bride's Triple Surprise
Butler, Reece. A Convenient Husband
Butler, Reece. Demanding Satisfaction
Butler, Reece. Having it All
Butler, Reece. The Merry Widow of Tanner's Ford
Butler, Reece. No Strings Attached
Butler, Reece. Southern Seduction

Cahill, Lily. Exposed
Cahill, Lily. Ignited
Cahill, Lily. Prince Elliott
Cahill, Lily. Prince Hudson
Cahill, Lily. Prince Maxwell
Cahill, Lily. Prince Samuel
Cahill, Lily. Secretly Craved
Cahill, Lily. Shifted
Cahill, Lily. Sparked
Cahill, Sarah. Mail Order Husband
Calmes, Mary. Steamroller
Calmes, Mary. Where You Lead
Cannon, Molly. A Christmas to Remember
Carlo, Jianne. The Bear and the Bride
Carlo, Jianne. Branded by Etain
Carlo, Jianne. Carnal
Carlo, Jianne. Death Blow
Carlo, Jianne. The Destroyer
Carlo, Jianne. The Dragon Slayer
Carlo, Jianne. Malice Striker
Carlo, Jianne. Manhandled
Carlo, Jianne. Notorious
Carlo, Jianne. The Peacemaker
Carlo, Jianne. Prymal Lust
Carlo, Jianne. Prymal Obsession
Carlo, Jianne. Prymal Passion
Carlo, Jianne. The Seducer
Carlo, Jianne. Sinner
Carlo, Jianne. That Pearly Drop
Carlo, Jianne. Vengeance Hammer
Carroll-Bradd, Linda. Sweetwater Springs Christmas
Casey, Elle. Wrong Number, Right Guy
Casey, Elle. Wrong Place, Right Time
Casey, Elle. Wrong Question, Right Answer
Chapel, Christy. Boone's Bride
Chapel, Christy. The Cowgirl's Husband
Chapel, Christy. Mail Order Bride: Rescued by the Sheriff
Chapel, Christy. Mary Beth's Mail Order Cowboy
Chapel, Christy. The Widow's First Love
Chase, Ashlyn. Kayla's Birthday Present
Chatterley, Maggie. Breeding Jenna
Chatterley, Maggie. Breeding the Princess
Chatterley, Maggie. Breeding Stock
Chatterley, Maggie. Carter's Niece
Chatterley, Maggie. His Obsession, Her Submission
Chatterley, Maggie. Katie and the Caveman
Chatterley, Maggie. Whatever Her Stepbrother Wants
Coble, Colleen. Bluebonnet Bride
Coble, Colleen. Butterfly Palace
Coble, Colleen. The Heart Answers
Coble, Colleen. Plains of Promise
Coble, Colleen. To Love a Stranger
Coble, Colleen. Where Leads the Heart
Connor, Emma. Chance of a Lifetime
Connor, Emma. One Last Chance
Cullinan, Heidi. Double Blind
Cullinan, Heidi. Hooch & Cake
Cullinan, Heidi. Special Delivery
Cullinan, Heidi. Tough Love
Cullinan, Heidi. The Twelve Days of Randy

Dane, Amber. The Beast of Renald
Dane, Amber. Conquering the Dark Axe
Dane, Amber. A Gathering of Knights
Dane, Amber. Gem of Gravane
Dane, Amber. Lady of Caindale
Devlin, Delilah. Lost Souls
Devlin, Delilah. Shattered Souls
Dohner, Laurann. Lacey and Lethal
Dohner, Laurann. Mine to Chase
Dohner, Laurann. Scarred and Kilt

Elsborg, Barbara. Saying Yes
Eros, Marata. The Darkest Joy
Everett, Elixa. Her Wolf, Her Protector
Everett, Elixa. Her Wolf, Her Savior

Frantz, Laura. The Colonel's Lady
Frantz, Laura. Courting Morrow Little
Frantz, Laura. The Frontiersman's Daughter
Frantz, Laura. Love's Awakening
Frantz, Laura. Love's Reckoning
Fredrick, MJ. Sweetwater Springs Christmas
Fyffe, Caroline. Before the Larkspur Blooms
Fyffe, Caroline. Evie
Fyffe, Caroline. Heather
Fyffe, Caroline. Kathryn
Fyffe, Caroline. Montana Dawn
Fyffe, Caroline. Sourdough Creek
Fyffe, Caroline. Texas Twilight
Fyffe, Caroline. West Winds of Wyoming
Fyffe, Caroline. Where the Wind Blows

Garwood, Julie. The Bride
Garwood, Julie. Castles
Garwood, Julie. The Clayborne Brides
Garwood, Julie. Come the Spring
Garwood, Julie. Fire and Ice
Garwood, Julie. For the Roses
Garwood, Julie. Gentle Warrior
Garwood, Julie. The Gift
Garwood, Julie. Guardian Angel
Garwood, Julie. Heartbreaker
Garwood, Julie. Honor's Splendour
Garwood, Julie. Hotshot
Garwood, Julie. The Ideal Man
Garwood, Julie. Killjoy
Garwood, Julie. The Lion's Lady
Garwood, Julie. Mercy
Garwood, Julie. Murder List
Garwood, Julie. Prince Charming
Garwood, Julie. The Prize
Garwood, Julie. Ransom
Garwood, Julie. Rebellious Desire
Garwood, Julie. Saving Grace
Garwood, Julie. The Secret
Garwood, Julie. Shadow Dance
Garwood, Julie. Shadow Music
Garwood, Julie. Sizzle
Garwood, Julie. Slow Burn
Garwood, Julie. Sweet Talk
Garwood, Julie. The Wedding
Glynn, Anne. Area 69
Glynn, Anne. Love Unexpected: Nighttime Tales
Glynn, Anne. One Bride for Seven Brothers
Glynn, Anne. Sun Zu's The Art of Whore
Glynn, Anne. To Protect and Service
Glynn, Anne. World War Zelda
Grange, Amanda. Henry Tilney's Diary
Grant, Donna. Forever Mine
Grech, Ann. Adversaries' Love
Grech, Ann. Adversaries' Lust
Grech, Ann. Adversaries' Pain
Greer, M. R. Deep
Greer, M. R. Night Heat
Greer, M. R. Off Road

Harlow, Melissa. Breeding Stock
Harlow, Melissa. The Lion Man
Harlow, Melissa. The Luna Moth
Harlow, Melissa. This is a Dark Ride
Hobbs, T. M. Born Free
Hobbs, T. M. Soyala
Hobbs, T. M. Takoda
Hobbs, T. M. Voice of the Forest
Holland, Debra. Beneath Montana's Sky
Holland, Debra. Bertha
Holland, Debra. Darcy
Holland, Debra. Glorious Montana Sky
Holland, Debra. Grace
Holland, Debra. Harvest of Dreams
Holland, Debra. Healing Montana Sky
Holland, Debra. Lina
Holland, Debra. Montana Sky Christmas
Holland, Debra. Mystic Montana Sky
Holland, Debra. Painted Montana Sky
Holland, Debra. Prudence
Holland, Debra. Reaper of Dreams
Holland, Debra. Sower of Dreams
Holland, Debra. Starry Montana Sky
Holland, Debra. Stormy Montana Sky
Holland, Debra. Sweetwater Springs Christmas
Holland, Debra. Sweetwater Springs Scrooge
Holland, Debra. Trudy
Holland, Debra. A Valentine's Choice
Holland, Debra. Wild Montana Sky
Housden, Frances. Chieftain by Command
Housden, Frances. The Chieftain's Curse
Housden, Frances. The Chieftain's Feud


Jager, Paty. Sweetwater Springs Christmas
James, Honor. The Huntsmen
Joyce, Brenda. Highlanders (The Warrior and the Rose)
Joyce, Brenda. A Rose in the Storm

Kelly, Marlow. A Woman of Courage
Kelly, Marlow. A Woman of Honour
Kelly, Marlow. A Woman of Love
Kingsmith, Curtis. Brutewood Minimum Security Penitentiary, Vol. 1
Kingsmith, Curtis. Love and Lust Between Men Behind Bars
Knight, Eliza. The Highlander's Conquest
Knight, Eliza. The Highlander's Lady
Knight, Eliza. The Highlander's Reward
Knight, Eliza. The Highlander's Sin
Knight, Eliza. The Highlander's Temptation
Knight, Eliza. The Highlander's Triumph
Knight, Eliza. The Highlander's Warrior Bride
Knight, Eliza. Wild Highland Mistletoe

Landis, Jill Marie. Sweetwater Springs Christmas
Layne, Emma. Cold Fire
Layne, Emma. Fire Starter
Layne, Emma. Frost Fire
Leah, Cia. Breed's Mail Order Bride
Leah, Cia. Caleb's Mail Order Bride
Leah, Cia. Carrie's Mail Order Husband
Leah, Cia. Colby's Mail Order Bride Sassy
Leah, Cia. A Husband for Hannah
Leah, Cia. J. T. Morgan's Mail Order Bride
Leah, Cia. Kato's Christmas Bride
Leah, Cia. Mindy's Mail Order Husband
Leonard, Sheryl. Out of the Shadows
Leonard, Sheryl. The Real McCoy
Luxe, Larissa. The Maidens' Convent

MacLean, Julianne. Captured by the Highlander
MacLean, Julianne. Claimed by the Highlander
MacLean, Julianne. The Marshal and Mrs. O'Malley
MacLean, Julianne. Prairie Bride
MacLean, Julianne. The Rebel
MacLean, Julianne. Seduced by the Highlander
Mahaffey, Montgomery. Ella Bandita and the Wanderer
Mallory, Margaret. Captured by a Laird
Mallory, Margaret. The Chieftain
Mallory, Margaret. The Gift
Mallory, Margaret. The Guardian
Mallory, Margaret. The Sinner
Mallory, Margaret. The Warrior
Mansfield, Ella. Mail Order Menage
Marshall, Bubba. Brutewood Minimum Security Penitentiary, Vol. 1
Matthews, R. C. Date Night
Matthews, R. C. Fair Game
Matthews, R. C. Little White Lies
McCall, Mary. Highland Captive
McCall, Mary. Highland Promise
McCall, Mary. Highland Treasure
McCarty, Monica. The Chief
McCarty, Monica. The Hawk
McCarty, Monica. The Hunter
McCarty, Monica. The Knight
McCarty, Monica. The Raider
McCarty, Monica. The Ranger
McCarty, Monica. The Recruit
McCarty, Monica. The Saint
McCarty, Monica. The Viper
McKay, Cheryl. Song of Springhill
McKenna, Elizabeth. Cera's Place
McKenna, Elizabeth. The Gypsy Casts a Spell
McKenna, Elizabeth. Venice in the Moonlight
McLaughlin, Linda. Sweetwater Springs Christmas
Milburn, Trish. Sweetwater Springs Christmas
Mills, DiAnn. Kiowa Husband
Mills, DiAnn. Mail-Order Husband
Mills, DiAnn. Renegade Husband
Mills, DiAnn. Temporary Husband
Milo, Amanda. Stolen by an Alien
Mitchell, A. T. Bear King's Curves
Mitchell, A. T. Love to Bear
Mitchell, Arthur. Bought for Breeding: Bred in His Shadow
Mitchell, Arthur. Bred for Succession
Mitchell, Arthur. Cabin Bound Breeding Sex: Bred by the Lumberjack
Mitchell, Arthur. Cowboy's Strict Commands
Mitchell, Arthur. Curvy Girl in Bondage
Mitchell, Arthur. Dark Prairie Fire
Mitchell, Arthur. Fertile Sex Exam
Mitchell, Arthur. A Hunter's Breeding Trap
Mitchell, Arthur. Rancher's Healing Touch
Monroe, Marla. A Dirty Dozen Christmas
Monroe, Marla. The Bikers' Babe
Monroe, Marla. The Bikers and the Socialite
Monroe, Marla. Brandy's Bikers
Monroe, Marla. Finding Love Between Terror and Rage
Monroe, Marla. Her Biker Bodyguards
Monroe, Marla. Her Biker Boyfriends
Monroe, Marla. Hungry for Her Mates
Monroe, Marla. Nessa's Two Shifters
Monroe, Marla. Their Biker Babe in Training
Monroe, Marla. Trusting Them

Nies, LuAnn. Shadow Trail
Noir, Stella. Trapped in His World


Pappano, Marilyn. A Christmas to Remember
Pearson, Helena. Espionage: Dark Passions
Pettersen, Bev. Sweetwater Springs Christmas
Pope, Lolly. Pissing in the Bus
Power, Jim. The End of the Line
Powerone. Bound Between Brothers
Powerone. Bound for Danger
Powerone. Bound for His Pleasure
Powerone. Doctor's Orders
Powerone. Gangster Moll
Powerone. Harem Master and the Spy
Powerone. Intergalactic Bondage Colony: Book 1
Powerone. Intergalactic Bondage Colony: Book 2
Powerone. The King's Dungeon
Powerone. The Last Two Women
Powerone. Number 121
Powerone. Pirate Captives
Powerone. The Sheriff and the Madame
Powerone. A Southern Master
Powerone. Stepford Men
Powerone. Taught to Obey
Powerone. Taught to Submit
Powerone. Teaching the Au Pair to Submit
Powerone. Wicked and Wild West
Prince, Emma. The Bastard Laird's Bride
Prince, Emma. The Bride Prize
Prince, Emma. Claimed by the Bounty Hunter
Prince, Emma. Desire's Hostage
Prince, Emma. Enthralled
Prince, Emma. Heart's Thief
Prince, Emma. Her Wild Highlander
Prince, Emma. A Highland Betrothal
Prince, Emma. Highlander's Ransom
Prince, Emma. Highlander's Reckoning
Prince, Emma. Highlander's Redemption
Prince, Emma. Highlander's Return
Prince, Emma. The Lady's Protector
Prince, Emma. The Promise of a Highlander
Prince, Emma. Shieldmaiden's Revenge
Prince, Emma. Surrender to the Scot
Prince, Emma. Thor's Wolf
Prince, Emma. A Warrior's Pledge


Ramsay, Hope. A Christmas to Remember
Robards, Karen. Shiver
Robinson, Lauri. Badland Bride
Robinson, Lauri. Boot Hill Bride
Robinson, Lauri. Mail Order Husband
Robinson, Lauri. Shotgun Bride
Robinson, Lauri. A Wife for Big John
Russell, David. Darlene
Russell, David. Dreamtime Sensuality
Russell, David. An Ecstatic Rendezvous
Russell, David. Explorations
Russell, David. Fools' Paradise
Russell, David. Further Explorations
Russell, David. Self's Blossom
Russell, David. Therapy Rapture
Russell, Joan. Indentured Bride
Russell, Joan. Mail Order Bride: Kim
Russell, Joan. Mail Order Bride: Svetlana
Russell, Joan. Stolen Bride
Russell, Joan. The Viagra Monologues
Russell, Joan. Virgin in a North Texas Cat House
Ryan-Davis, Emily. All the Secrets in Pearl
Ryan-Davis, Emily. All the Trees in Pearl
Ryan-Davis, Emily. All the Women in Pearl
Ryan-Davis, Emily. Interlude in Pearl
Rylon, Jayne. Barracuda's Heart
Rylon, Jayne. Devon's Pair
Rylon, Jayne. Hammer it Home
Rylon, Jayne. Kate's Crew
Rylon, Jayne. Kayla's Gift
Rylon, Jayne. King Cobra
Rylon, Jayne. Mistress's Master
Rylon, Jayne. Morgan's Surprise
Rylon, Jayne. Mustang Sally
Rylon, Jayne. Nailed to the Wall
Rylon, Jayne. Night is Darkest
Rylon, Jayne. Razor's Edge
Rylon, Jayne. Rebel on the Run
Rylon, Jayne. Spread Your Wings
Rylon, Jayne. Super Nova
Rylon, Jayne. Swinger Style
Rylon, Jayne. Touch of Amber

Sachs, J. J. Wildsmith
Saint James, Elle. Double Chance Claim
Saint James, Elle. Mail Order Bride for Two
Saint James, Elle. Two Wanted Men
Samuels, Grace. Take Me
Scott, B. J. Her Highlander's Promise
Scott, B. J. Highland Homecoming
Scott, B. J. Highland Legacy
Scott, B. J. Highland Quest
Scott, Tori. Sweetwater Springs Christmas
Seiters, Nadene. The Prince's Ex
Shalvis, Jill. A Christmas to Remember
Sinclair, Michele. Desiring the Highlander
Sinclair, Michele. The Highlander's Bride
Sinclair, Michele. Seducing the Highlander
Sinclair, Michele. Tempting the Highlander
Sinclair, Michele. To Wed a Highlander
Sinclair, Vonda. My Brave Highlander
Sinclair, Vonda. My Daring Highlander
Sinclair, Vonda. My Fierce Highlander
Sinclair, Vonda. My Notorious Highlander
Sinclair, Vonda. My Rebel Highlander
Sinclair, Vonda. My Wild Highlander
Sinclaire, Roxy. Entitled
Sinclaire, Roxy. Trapped in His World
Slater, Danielle. Entitled
Snow, Nicole. Bitter Kind of Love
Snow, Nicole. Cowboy's Strict Commands
Snow, Nicole. Fight For Her Heart
Snow, Nicole. Love Scars
Snow, Nicole. Merciless Love
Snow, Nicole. Never Kiss an Outlaw
Snow, Nicole. Never Love an Outlaw
Snow, Nicole. Nomad Kind of Love
Snow, Nicole. Outlaw Kind of Love
Snow, Nicole. Outlaw's Kiss
Snow, Nicole. Outlaw's Obsession
Snow, Nicole. Savage Kind of Love
Snow, Nicole. Sleeping Seduction
Snow, Nicole. Too Big to Make Babies
Snow, Nicole. Wicked Kind of Love
Spearman, Willie. The Most Excellent and Lamentable Tragedy of Julio and Rome
Starling, D. J. Deja Vu
Starling, D. J. Fantasyland

Tayte, Megan. Darkly, Deeply, Beautifully
Tayte, Megan. Death Wish
Tayte, Megan. Devil and the Deep
Tayte, Megan. Forget Me Not
Tayte, Megan. Wild Blue Yonder
Templeton, Julia. The Bargain
Templeton, Julia. The Conquest
Templeton, Julia. Dangerous Desires
Templeton, Julia. Little Miss Independent
Templeton, Julia. Masquerade
Teshco, Mel. Discovering Sofia
Thornton, Monica. Bearing the Monster's Baby
Tilley, Rebecca. Mail-Order Husband: The Millionaire's Debt
Tiner, Billi. Scarred Hearts
Tiner, Billi. Second Chance Hearts
Tiner, Billi. Wounded Hearts
Tisdale, Suzan. Findley's Lass
Tisdale, Suzan. Laiden's Daughter
Tisdale, Suzan. McKenna's Honor
Tisdale, Suzan. Rowan's Lady
Tisdale, Suzan. Wee William's Woman
Tyse, Andrea. I, Illicit
Tyse, Andrea. I'm Your Bully


Vale, Kate. Destiny's Second Chance
Van, Becca. Accepting Eva
Van, Becca. Capturing Kylie
Van, Becca. Carter Finds Two Mates
Van, Becca. Double E Ranch
Van, Becca. A Fresh Start for Tori
Van, Becca. Gold Lust
Van, Becca. Her Ex-Marines
Van, Becca. Her Norland Warriors
Van, Becca. Her Personal Security
Van, Becca. Her Shadow Men
Van, Becca. Highland Warrior Woman
Van, Becca. Keira's Wolf Saviors
Van, Becca. Leah's Irish Heroes
Van, Becca. Love Found
Van, Becca. Loving Sanctuary
Van, Becca. Mate for Three
Van, Becca. Savage Construction
Van, Becca. Set Me Free
Van, Becca. Shelby's Saviors
Van, Becca. Slick Rock Cowboys
Van, Becca. Triple M Ranch
Van, Becca. Vegetarian Mate
Van, Becca. Werewolf Mates

Warren, Skye. Beauty Becomes You
Warren, Skye. Beauty Touched the Beast
Warren, Skye. Beneath the Beauty
Warren, Skye. Broken Beauty
Warren, Skye. Caged
Warren, Skye. Don't Let Go
Warren, Skye. Hear Me
Warren, Skye. His for Christmas
Warren, Skye. Keep Me Safe
Warren, Skye. Leashed
Warren, Skye. On the Way Home
Warren, Skye. Sweetest Mistress
Warren, Skye. Trust in Me
Warren, Skye. Wanderlust
Watson, Margaret. Love Me
Watson, Margaret. Protect Me
Wendling, Emily. Frozen Trip
Wendling, Emily. Janitor's Closet
Wendling, Emily. New York Legal
West, Angie. Incubus
Whitson, Stephanie Grace. Sixteen Brides
Willingham, Michelle. Claimed by the Highland Warrior
Willingham, Michelle. Craving the Highlander's Touch
Willingham, Michelle. Her Irish Warrior
Willingham, Michelle. Her Warrior King
Willingham, Michelle. Her Warrior Slave
Willingham, Michelle. Lionheart's Bride
Willingham, Michelle. Pleasured by the Viking
Willingham, Michelle. Highlanders (Rescued by the Highland Warrior)
Willingham, Michelle. Seduced by Her Highland Warrior
Willingham, Michelle. Surrender to an Irish Warrior
Willingham, Michelle. Taming Her Irish Warrior
Willingham, Michelle. Tempted by the Highland Warrior
Willingham, Michelle. To Sin with a Viking
Willingham, Michelle. The Viking's Forbidden Love-Slave
Willingham, Michelle. The Warrior's Forbidden Virgin
Willingham, Michelle. The Warrior's Touch
Willingham, Michelle. Warriors in Winter
Wilson, Mandy. Growing in Love with Her Mail-Order Husband
Wine, Mary. Highland Heat
Wine, Mary. Highland Hellcat
Wine, Mary. The Highlander's Bride Trouble
Wine, Mary. The Highlander's Prize
Wine, Mary. How to Handle a Highlander
Wine, Mary. Still Mine
Wine, Mary. To Conquer a Highlander
Wine, Mary. The Trouble with Highlanders
Witemeyer, Karen. To Win Her Heart
Wittig, Laurin. Charming the Shrew
Wittig, Laurin. Daring the Highlander
Wittig, Laurin. The Devil of Kilmartin
Wittig, Laurin. Highlander Betrayed
Wittig, Laurin. MacAlister's Hope
Woolf, Cynthia. Sweetwater Springs Christmas



Ziegler, Marti. Clingstone

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