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The Adversaries Series 4 Stars (Reviews)
by Ann Grech (Red Heart)-Contemporary BDSM Romance
  1. Adversaries' Lust (Nick/Emma)
  2. Adversaries' Pain (Nick/Emma)
  3. Adversaries' Love (Nick/Emma)
  4. Delectable (Levi & Katy/Connor)-TBA
  5. Delicious (Mike/Robyn)-TBA
Alcandian Series
by Mary Wine
  1. Alcandian Quest
  2. Alcandian Rage
  3. Alcandian Soul
All the King's Men Series
by Margaret Mallory-Historical Romance
  1. Knight of Desire
  2. Knight of Pleasure
  3. Knight of Passion
Alpha Bear Princes Series 5 Stars (Reviews)
by Lily Cahill (Red Heart)-Contemporary Bear Shifter Romance
  1. Prince Hudson (Hudson/Kay)
  2. Prince Samuel (Samuel/Frankie)
  3. Prince Elliott (Elliott/Laila)
  4. Prince Maxwell (Max/Annika)
The Anthony Brothers Series 4 Stars (Reviews)
by Harmony Bryce (White/Pink Heart)-Contemporary Romance
  1. Accidental Love (Jin/Mei-Ling)
  2. Lost Love (Markus/Savannah)
  3. Forbidden Love (Jai/Ami)
  4. Rekindled Love-TBA
  5. Book 5-TBA
Badlands Series 4 Stars (Reviews)
by Elle Saint James (Red Heart)-Western Ménage Romance
  1. Mail Order Bride for Two (Clarissa/Logan & Derek)
  2. Two Wanted Men (Miranda/Luke & Reese)
  3. Double Chance Claim (Maggie/Wyatt & Wade)
The Ballantyne Legacy Series 4 Stars (Reviews)
by Laura Frantz (White Heart)-Christian Colonial Romance
  1. Love's Reckoning (Silas/Eden)
  2. Love's Awakening (Ellie/Jack)
  3. Love's Fortune (Rowena/James)-Sept 2014
The Beasts of Bärvik Series 5 Stars (Reviews)
by Jianne Carlo (Red Heart)-Paranormal Viking Romance
  1. Branded by Étaín (Brand/Étaín)
  2. Ravaged by Nikolas-TBA
Beauty Series 4.5 Stars (Reviews)
by Skye Warren (Red Heart)-Contemporary Romance
  1. Beauty Touched the Beast (Erin/Blake)
  2. Beneath the Beauty
  3. Broken Beauty
  4. Beauty Becomes You
The Bourbon Street Boys Series
by Elle Casey (Red Heart)-Contemporary Romance  4 Stars  (Reviews)
  1. Wrong Number, Right Guy (Ozzie/May)
  2. Wrong Place, Right Time (Dev/Jenny)
  3. Wrong Question, Right Answer (Lucky/Toni)
The Breeding Stock Saga 4.5 Stars  (Reviews)
by Melissa Harlow (Red Heart)-Sci-Fi Ménage Romance
  1. Breeding Stock ('Drea/Jackson & Bennett)
  2. The Lion Man (Shandie/Vaughn & Nicky)
Bride Train Series 4 Stars (Reviews)
by Reece Butler (Red Heart)-Historical Western Ménage Romance
  1. Barefoot Bride for Three (Beth/Trace, Simon & Jack)-Rocking E
  2. A Contract Bride's Triple Surprise (Amy/Ross, Nevin & Gillis)-MD Connected
  3. Compromised Cowgirl (Jessie/Ace, Sin & Henry)-Double Diamond
  4. A Convenient Husband (Florence/Ben, Ranger & Patrick)-Bitterroot
  5. 1 Bed, 2 Weddings, 3 Husbands (Victoria/Jed, Clint & Riley)-J Bar C
  6. Beauty and the Beasts (Sarah/Luke, Oscar & Gabe)-Circle C
  7. The Badger City Gang (Kate/Zach, Rusty & Gideon)-Running W
  8. Southern Seduction (Casey/Cole, Byron & Marshall)-Sweetwater
  9. Demanding Satisfaction (Sophie/Max, Sam & Josh)
  10. continues with the Climax, Montana series
Buchanan-Renard Series 4 Stars (Reviews)
by Julie Garwood (Red Heart)-Contemporary Mystery/Thriller Romance
  1. Heartbreaker (Nick Buchanan/Laurant)
  2. Mercy (Theo Buchanan/Michelle Renard)
  3. Killjoy (John Paul Renard/Avery)
  4. Murder List (Alec Buchanan/Regan)
  5. Slow Burn (Dylan Buchanan/Kate MacKenna)
  6. Shadow Dance (Noah Clayborne/Jordan Buchanan)
  7. Fire and Ice (Jack MacAlister/Sophie)
  8. Sizzle (Sam Kincaid/Lyra)
  9. The Ideal Man (Max Daniels/Ellie)
  10. Sweet Talk (Grayson Kincaid/Olivia)
  11. Hotshot (Finn MacBain/Peyton)
  12. Fast Track (Aiden Madison/Cordie Kane)
Bully Series 5 Stars (Reviews)
by Andrea Tyse (Red Heart)-Contemporary New Adult Romance
  1. I'm Your Bully (Jax/Emma)
  2. Bully For You (Paul/Mina)-TBA
The 'Burg Series 4 Stars (Reviews)
by Kristen Ashley (Red Heart)-Contemporary Romance
  1. For You (Colt/Feb)
  2. At Peace (Joe/Violet)
  3. Golden Trail (Layne/Rocky)
  4. Games of the Heart (Mike/Dusty)
  5. The Promise (Benny/Frankie)
  6. Hold On (Cher/Merry)

Caitlyn O'Connell Series 4.5 Stars (Reviews)
by Delilah Devlin (Red Heart)-Contemporary Paranormal Romance
  1. Shattered Souls
  2. Lost Souls
The Campbell Trilogy
by Monica McCarty-Highlander Romance
  1. Highland Warrior
  2. Highland Outlaw
  3. Highland Scoundrel
The Ceruleans 4 Stars (Reviews)
by Megan Tayte (Pink Heart)-Contemporary YA Paranormal Romance
  1. Death Wish
  2. Forget Me Not
  3. Wild Blue Yonder
  4. Devil and the Deep
  5. Darkly, Deeply, Beautifully
Chaos Series 4.5 Stars (Reviews)
by Kristen Ashley (Red Heart)-Contemporary Romance
  1. Own the Wind (Tabby/Shy)
  2. Fire Inside (Lanie/Hop)
  3. Every Year (Christmas with Tack and Family)
  4. Ride Steady (Carissa/Joker)
  5. Walk Through Fire (Millie/High)-Oct 2015

The Chieftain Series 4 Stars (Reviews)
by Frances Housden (Red Heart)-Highlander Romance
  1. The Chieftain's Curse (Euan/Morag)
  2. Chieftain by Command (Gavyn/Kathryn)
  3. The Chieftain's Feud (Jamie/Evangeline)
The Clan Graham Series 4 Stars (Reviews)
by Suzan Tisdale (Pink Heart)-Highlander Romance
  1. Rowan's Lady (Rowan/Arline)
  2. Frederick's Queen (Frederick/Aggie)
The Clan MacDougall Series 4 Stars (Reviews)
by Suzan Tisdale (Red/Pink Heart)-Highlander Romance
  1. Laiden's Daughter (Duncan/Aishlinn)
  2. Findley's Lass (Findley/Maggy)
  3. Wee William's Woman (Wee William/Nora)
  4. McKenna's Honor
   Continues with the Clan Graham Series

The Clan McDunnah Series
by Suzan Tisdale-Highlander Romance
  1. Caelen's Wife-TBA
  2. Black Richard's Heart-TBA
Claybornes of Rosehill Series 4 Stars (Reviews)
by Julie Garwood (Red/Pink Heart)-Western Romance
  1. For the Roses (Mary Rose/Harrison)
  2. The Clayborne Brides-One Pink Rose (Travis/Emily)
  3. The Clayborne Brides-One White Rose (Douglas/Isabel)
  4. The Clayborne Brides-One Red Rose (Adam/Genevieve)
  5. Come the Spring (Cole/Jessica, Marshal Daniel Ryan/Grace)
Climax, Montana Series 4.5 Stars (Reviews)
by Reece Butler (Red Heart)-Contemporary Western Ménage Romance
  1. The Merry Widow of Tanner's Ford (Marci/Simon & Lance)
  2. Having it All (Nikki/Eric & Matt)
  3. The Bartered Bride (Jane/Travis & Riley)
  4. No Strings Attached (Lila/Jet & Houston)
Colorado Mountain Series 4 Stars (Reviews)
by Kristen Ashley (Red Heart)-Contemporary Romance
  1. The Gamble (Max/Nina)
  2. Sweet Dreams (Tate/Lauren)
  3. Lady Luck (Ty/Lexie)
  4. Breathe (Chace/Faye)
  5. Jagged (Reece/Zara)
  6. Kaleidoscope (Deck/Emme)
  7. Book 7 (Deke)-TBA
  8. Book 8 (Wood/Maggie)-TBA
        See Kristen Ashley Reading Order

Colters' Legacy Series 4 Stars (Reviews)
by Maya Banks (Red Heart)-Contemporary Ménage Romance
  1. Colters' Woman (Holly/Adam, Ethan & Ryan)
  2. Colters' Wife (extended epilogue to Colters' Woman)
  3. Callie's Meadow (second extended epilogue to Colters' Woman)
  4. Colters' Lady (Lily/Seth, Michael & Dillon)
  5. Colters' Daughter (Callie/Max)
  6. Colters' Promise (Christmas Novella)
  7. Colters' Gift (Lauren/Liam & Noah)
  8. Colters' Legacy (Epilogue/Conclusion to Series)
Compass Brothers Series
by Jayne Rylon & Mari Carr-Contemporary Romance
  1. Northern Exposure
  2. Southern Comfort
  3. Eastern Ambitions
  4. Western Ties
  5. continues with Compass Girls
Compass Girls Series
by Jayne Rylon & Mari Carr-Contemporary Romance
  1. Winter's Thaw
  2. Hope Springs
  3. Sizzlin' Summer
  4. Falling Softly
Cost of Repairs Series 4 Stars (Reviews)
by A. M. Arthur (Red Heart)-Contemporary M/M Romance
  1. Cost of Repairs (Sam/Rey, Part I)
  2. Color of Grace (Schuyler/Barrett)
  3. Weight of Silence (Jace/Gavin)
  4. Acts of Faith (Sam/Rey, Part II)
  5. Party Favors (novella leads to spin-off The Truth As He Knows It)
  6. Foundation of Trust (David/Owen)
Creed's Crossing Historical Series
by E. Ayers (Pink Heart)-Historical Western Romance   5 Stars  (Reviews)
  1. A Christmas Far From Home (Frank/Adie)-Sweetwater Springs Christmas
  2. A Rancher's Woman (Many Feathers "Mark"/Malene)
Crown's Spies Series 4 Stars (Reviews)
by Julie Garwood (Red Heart)-Historical Romance
  1. The Lion's Lady (Lyon/Christina)
  2. Guardian Angel (Caine/Jade)
  3. The Gift (Nathan/Sara)
  4. Castles (Colin/Alesandra)
Dark Erotica Series 4 Stars (Reviews)
by Skye Warren (Red Heart)-Contemporary Romance
  1. Keep Me Safe (Rachel/Zachary)
  2. Trust in Me (Mia/Tyler)
  3. Hear Me (Melody/Sam)
  4. Escape (Tiffany/Alex)
  5. Don't Let Go (Samantha/Ian)
The Dark Protector Series
by Rebecca Zanetti
  1. Fated
  2. Claimed
  3. Tempted
  4. Hunted
  5. Consumed
  6. Provoked
  7. Twisted
  8. Shadowed
  9. Tamed-2014
Deadly Pistols MC Series 4 Stars (Reviews)
by Nicole Snow (Red Heart)-Contemporary Biker Romance
  1. Never Love an Outlaw (Skin/Megan)
  2. Never Kiss an Outlaw (Firefly/Cora)
The Dirty Dozen Series 3.5 Stars (Reviews)
by Marla Monroe (Red Heart)-Contemporary Biker Ménage Romance
  1. Brandy's Bikers (Brandy/Kyle & West)
  2. The Bikers' Babe (Tina/Cole & Zack)
  3. Her Biker Bodyguards (Briana/Gavin & Dillon)
  4. Their Biker Babe in Training (Alexis/Neal & Mark)
  5. Her Biker Boyfriends (Carly/Ranger & Drew)
  6. The Bikers and the Socialite (Parker/Shane & Allen)
  7. A Dirty Dozen Christmas (The Dirty Dozen Families)
Divergent Trilogy 4 Stars (Reviews)
by Veronica Roth-Sci-Fi/Romance
  1. Divergent
  2. Free Four
  3. Four Divergent Stories (The Transfer, The Initiate, The Son, The Traitor)
  4. Insurgent
  5. Allegiant
The Donovan Family Series 4 Stars (Reviews)
by Margaret Watson (Red Heart)-Contemporary Romance
  1. Love Me (Helen/Jamie)
  2. Watch Me (Quinn/Tessa)
  3. Find Me (Mac/Lizzy)
  4. Trust Me (Connor/Raine)
  5. Cover Me (Brendan/Cilla)
  6. Protect Me (Mia/Finn)
  7. Save Me (Livvy/Ryan)
  8. See Me (Alex/Gaby)
The Douglas Legacy 4 Stars (Reviews)
by Margaret Mallory (Red Heart)-Highlander Romance
  1. Captured by a Laird (Alison/David)
  2. Claimed by a Highlander (Sybil/Rory)-TBA
  3. Book 3-TBA
  4. Book 4-TBA
Dream Man Series 4.5 Stars (Reviews)
by Kristen Ashley (Red Heart)-Contemporary Romance
  1. Mystery Man (Cabe Delgado "Hawk"/Gwen "Sweet Pea""Peaches")
  2. Wild Man (Brock Lucas "Slim""Skull"/Tess)
  3. Law Man (Detective Mitch Lawson/Mara "Chestnut")
  4. Motorcycle Man (Kane Allen "Tack"/Tyra "Red""Cherry")
  5. continues with the Chaos Series

The Dystopia Series 5 Stars (Reviews)
by Skye Warren (Red Heart)-Sci-Fi M/M Romance
  1. Leashed (Drake/Sebastian)
  2. Caged (Cor/Lack)
Elite Dragons Series
by Becca Van (Red Heart)-Contemporary Ménage Romance
  1. One For Three
  2. Three to the Rescue
  3. The Love of Three
  4. A Force of Three
English Tudor Saga
by Mary Wine
  1. Improper Seduction
  2. My Fair Highlander
  3. Unexpected Pleasures
The Fantasyland Series
by Kristen Ashley
  1. Wildest Dreams
  2. The Golden Dynasty
  3. Fantastical
  4. Broken Dove
Fantasyland Series 5 Stars (Reviews)
by D. J. Starling (Pink Heart)-Contemporary Paranormal Romance
  1. Fantasyland (Sandi/Rick-Steve)
  2. Deja Vu (Josh/Deanna)
  3. Till There Was You-TBA
Fifty Shades Trilogy
by E. L. James
  1. Fifty Shades of Grey
  2. Fifty Shades Darker
  3. Fifty Shades Freed
  4. Grey
Forbidden Vikings Series 3 Stars (Reviews)
by Michelle Willingham (Red Heart)-Viking Romance
  1. To Sin with a Viking (Styr/Caragh)
  2. To Tempt a Viking (Ragnar/Elena)
The Fraser Brothers Trilogy 4 Stars (Reviews)
by B. J. Scott (Red Heart)-Highlander Romance
  1. Highland Legacy (Connor/Cailin)
  2. Highland Quest (Bryce/Fallon)
  3. Highland Homecoming (Alasdair/"Lauren" Edina)
The Gods' Dream Trilogy 5 Stars (Reviews)
by Debra Holland (Pink Heart)-Sci-Fi/Fantasy Romance
  1. Sower of Dreams (Daria/Khan)
  2. Reaper of Dreams (Indaran/Jasmine)
  3. Harvest of Dreams (Thaddis/Sadie)
Grizzlies MC Series 4 Stars (Reviews)
by Nicole Snow (Red Heart)-Contemporary Biker Romance
  1. Outlaw's Kiss (Brass/Missy)
  2. Outlaw's Obsession (Rabid/Christa)
Guardians of the Targe Trilogy 5 Stars
by Laurin Wittig (Red Heart)-Highlander Romance (Reviews)
  1. Highlander Betrayed (Rowan/Nicholas)
  2. Highlander Avenged
  3. Highlander Redeemed-TBA
The Hades Squad Series 4 Stars (Reviews)
by Jianne Carlo (Red Heart)-Contemporary SEAL Romance
  1. Sinner (Destiny/Linc)
  2. Lucifer
  3. Devil
  4. Demon
  5. Satan
Her Alpha Wolf Series 4 Stars (Reviews)
by Elixa Everett (Red Heart)-Contemporary Wolf Shifter Romance
  1. Her Wolf, Her Protector
  2. Her Wolf, Her Savior
Highland Adventure Series 4 Stars (Reviews)
by Vonda Sinclair (Red Heart)-Highlander Romance
  1. My Fierce Highlander (Alasdair/Gwyneth)
  2. My Wild Highlander (Lachlan/Angelique)
  3. My Brave Highlander (Dirk/Isobel)
  4. My Daring Highlander (Keegan/Seona)
  5. My Notorious Highlander (Torrin/Jessie)
  6. My Rebel Highlander (Rebbie/Calla)
  7. My Captive Highlander (Shamus/Maili)-Feb 2015 (Kissing the Highlander Anthology)
Highland Bodyguards 5 Stars (Reviews)
by Emma Prince (Red Heart)-Highlander Romance
  1. The Lady's Protector (Ansel/Isolda)
  2. Heart's Thief (Colin/Sabine)
  3. A Warrior's Pledge (Finn/Rosamond)
  4. Claimed by the Bounty Hunter (Kirk/Lillian)
  5. A Highland Betrothal (Graeme/Anna)
  6. The Promise of a Highlander (Logan/Helena)
  7. The Bastard Laird's Bride (Reid/Corinne)
  8. Surrender to the Scot (Jerome/Elaine)
  9. Her Wild Highlander (Kieran/Vivienne)
  10. Book 9 (Niall/Mairin)-Fall 2018
The Highland Guard Series 4 Stars (Reviews)
by Monica McCarty (Red Heart)-Highlander Romance
  1. The Chief (Tor "Chief" MacLeod/Christina)
  2. The Hawk (Erik "Hawk" MacSorley/Ellie)
  3. The Ranger (Arthur "Ranger" Campbell/Anna)
  4. The Viper (Lachlan "Viper" MacRuairi/Bella)
  5. The Saint (Magnus "Saint" MacKay/Helen "Angel")
  6. The Recruit (Kenneth "Ice" Sutherland/Mary)
  7. The Hunter (Ewen "Hunter" Lamont/Janet)
  8. The Knight (James Douglas/Jo)
  9. The Raider (Robert "Raider" Boyd/Rosalin)
  10. The Arrow (Gregor "Arrow" MacGregor/Cate)
  11. The Striker-TBA
The Highland Heather and Hearts Scottish Romance Series
by Carmen Caine
  1. The Kindling Heart
  2. The Bedeviled Heart
  3. The Daring Heart
  4. The Bold Heart
Highland Ménage Series 4 Stars (Reviews)
by Reece Butler (Red Heart)-Highlander Ménage Romance
  1. Captive Bride (Angus & Gillis/Fiona)
  2. Captive Love (Angus & Gillis/Fiona)
  3. A Lady's Seduction (Cormac & James/Alana)
  4. A Lady's Vengeance (Cormac & James/Alana)
  5. An Eager Widow (Malcolm & Duff/Kiera)
  6. The Perfect Wife (Malcolm & Duff/Kiera)-June 26
  7. King's Pawn (Tearlach & Rory/Isabel)-TBA 
  8. King's Knight (Tearlach & Rory/Isabel)-TBA
  9. Bedding the Enemy (Somerled & Niall)-TBA
  10. Loving the Enemy (Somerled & Niall)-TBA
  11. Highland Ménage 11-TBA
  12. Highland Ménage 12-TBA
  13. Highland Ménage 13-TBA
  14. Highland Ménage 14-TBA
  15. Highland Ménage 15-TBA
  16. Highland Ménage 16-TBA
Highlander Series
by Amanda Forester
  1. The Highlander's Sword
  2. The Highlander's Heart
  3. True Highland Spirit
The Highlander Series 4.5 Stars (Reviews)
by Mary Wine (Red Heart)-Highlander Romance
  1. To Conquer a Highlander (Torin/Shannon)
  2. Highland Hellcat (Connor/Brina)
  3. Highland Heat (Quinton/Deirdre)
Highlander Trilogy 5 Stars (Reviews)
by Julianne MacLean (Red/White Heart)-Highlander Romance
  1. The Rebel (Alex MacLean/Elizabeth)
  2. Captured by the Highlander (Duncan MacLean/Ameila)
  3. Claimed by the Highlander (Angus MacDonald/Gwendolen)
  4. Seduced by the Highlander (Lachlan MacDonald/Catherine)
Highlands' Lairds Series 5 Stars (Reviews)
by Julie Garwood (Red Heart)-Highlander Romance
  1. The Secret (Iain Maitland/Judith)
  2. Ransom (Brodick Buchanan/Gillian, Ramsey Sinclair/Bridgid)
  3. Shadow Music (Colm MacHugh/Gabrielle)
Honour, Love and Courage Series
by Marlow Kelly (Red Heart)-Historical Romance 4 Stars (Reviews)
  1. A Woman of Honour (Duncan/Isabel)
  2. A Woman of Love (James/Annabel)
  3. A Woman of Courage (Connell/Fianna)
The Host Trilogy 5 Stars (Reviews)
by Stephenie Meyer (White Heart)-Sci-Fi/Romance
  1. The Host
  2. The Seeker-TBA
  3. The Soul-TBA
Hot Rods Series 4.5 Stars (Reviews)
by Jayne Rylon (Red Heart)-Contemporary Ménage Romance
  1. King Cobra (Eli/Alanso)
  2. Mustang Sally (Eli & Alanso/Sally)
  3. Super Nova (Kaige/Nola)
  4. Rebel on the Run (Bryce/Kae)
  5. Swinger Style (Holden/Sabra)
  6. Barracuda's Heart (Roman/Carver)
  7. Touch of Amber (Amber/Gavyn)
  8. Long Time Coming (Tom/Willie)
Hunger Games Trilogy 4 Stars (Reviews)
by Suzanne Collins (White Heart)-Sci-Fi/Romance

  1. The Hunger Games
  2. Catching Fire
  3. Mockingjay
Ice Drake Series 5 Stars  (Reviews)
by Emma Layne (Red Heart)-Pre-Apocalyptic Dragon Shifter Alien Romance
  1. Fire Starter (Short Prequel)
  2. Cold Fire (Faro/Amy)
  3. Frost Fire (Blaze/Molly)
  4. Snow Fire-Coming Soon
Independence Falls Series 5 Stars (Reviews)
by Lily Cahill (Red Heart)-1950's Sci-Fi Superhero Romance
  1. Sparked (Clayton/Cora) - (Bonus wedding short)
  2. Exposed (June/Ivan) - (Bonus in-law introduction dinner short)
  3. Ignited (Dr. Henry Porter/Ruth) - (Bonus fairy-tale short)
  4. Shifted (Briar/Charlie) - 
  5. Compelled-TBA
LA Doms Series 3.5 Stars (Reviews)
by Solace Ames (Red Heart)-Contemporary BDSM Romance
  1. Tomorrow's Much Too Long (John)
  2. The Dom Project (John/Robin)
  3. The Submission Gift (Jay & Adriana/Paul)
  4. The Constant Companion (Emanuel/Amy)-Feb 2015
Lairds' Brides Series 5 Stars (Reviews)
by Julie Garwood (Red Heart)-Highlander Romance
  1. The Bride (Alec Kincaid/Jamie)
  2. The Wedding (Connor MacAlister/Brenna)
Last Chance Brides Series 4.5 Stars (Reviews)
by Emma Connor (White Heart)-Historical Mail-Order Bride Romance
  1. One Last Chance (Logan/Charlotte)
  2. Chance of a Lifetime (Josh/Hannah)
  3. Chance of Love (Cole/Vivian)-TBA
  4. Last Chance 4 (Garrett/Lilly)-TBA
The Legacy of MacLeod Series 4 Stars (Reviews)
by Laurin Wittig (Red Heart)-Highlander Romance
  1. Charming the Shrew (Tayg/Cat)
  2. Daring the Highlander (Ailig/Morainn)
Liberty Springs, Wyoming Series
by Kaliana Cole (Red Heart)-Contemporary Ménage Romance
  1. No Bag Limit
  2. Hook, Line and Sinker
  3. Tag and Release
  4. Open Season
  5. Nobody's Prey
MacAuliffe Viking Trilogy
by Heather Graham
  1. Golden Surrender
  2. The Viking's Woman
  3. Lord of the Wolves
MacEgan Brothers Series 4.5 Stars (Reviews)
by Michelle Willingham (Red Heart)-Irish Warrior Romance
  1. Her Warrior Slave (Kieran/Iseult)
  2. The Viking's Forbidden Love-Slave (Aisling/Tharand)
  3. Her Warrior King (Patrick/Isabel)
  4. Her Irish Warrior (Bevan/Genevieve)
  5. The Warrior's Touch (Connor/Aileen)
  6. Taming Her Irish Warrior (Ewan/Honora)
  7. The Warrior's Forbidden Virgin (Katherine/Sir Ademar)
  8. Surrender to an Irish Warrior (Trahern/Morren)
  9. Pleasured by the Viking (Gunnar/Auder)
  10. Lionheart's Bride (Liam/Adriana, Richard the Lionheart/Princess Berengaria)
  11. Warriors in Winter (Second Generation Holiday Anthology)
    • In the Bleak Midwinter (Brianna/Arturo)
    • The Holly and the Viking (Rhiannon/Kaall)
    • A Season to Forgive (Liam/Adriana)
The MacGruders Series
by Diana Cosby
  1. His Captive
  2. His Woman
  3. His Conquest
  4. His Destiny
  5. His Seduction
  6. His Enchantment
The MacKinloch Clan Series 5 Stars (Reviews)
by Michelle Willingham (Red Heart)-Highlander Romance
  1. Claimed by the Highland Warrior (Bram/Nairna)
  2. Seduced by Her Highland Warrior (Alex/Laren)
  3. Craving the Highlander's Touch (Finian/Alys)
  4. Tempted by the Highland Warrior (Callum/Marguerite)
  5. Rescued by the Highland Warrior (Dougal/Celeste)
The MacLeods of Skye Trilogy
by Monica McCarty-Highlander Romance
  1. Highlander Untamed
  2. Highlander Unmasked
  3. Highlander Unchained
The MacLerie Stories 5 Stars (Reviews)
by Terri Brisbin (Red Heart)-Highlander Romance
  1. Taming the Highlander
  2. Surrender to the Highlander
  3. Possessed by the Highlander
  4. The Earl's Secret
  5. Blame it on the Mistletoe
  6. Taming the Highland Rogue
  7. The Highlander's Stolen Touch
  8. At the Highlander's Mercy
  9. The Forbidden Highlander (James/Elizabeth)
  10. The Highlander's Dangerous Temptation
The MacLomain Series
by Sky Purington
  1. The King's Druidess
  2. Fate's Monolith
  3. Destiny's Denial
  4. Sylvan Mist
The Magdalene Series
by Kristen Ashley
  1. The Will (Josephine/Jake)
  2. Soaring (Amelia/Mickey)
Mail-Order Brides of the West Series
by Caroline Fyffe & Debra Holland 4.5 Stars (Reviews)
(White Heart)-Historical Prairie/Western Romance
  1. Evie (Evie/Chance)
  2. Trudy (Trudy/Seth)
  3. Heather (Heather/Hayden)
  4. Lina (Lina/Jonah)
  5. Kathryn (Kathryn/Tobit)
  6. Darcy (Darcy/Gideon)
  7. Prudence (Prudence/Michael)
  8. Bertha (Bertha/Howie)
Malory Family Series
by Johanna Lindsey
  1. Love Only Once
  2. Tender Rebel
  3. Gentle Rogue
  4. The Magic of You
  5. Say You Love Me
  6. The Present
  7. A Loving Scoundrel
  8. Captive of My Desires
  9. No Choice But Seduction
  10. That Perfect Someone
A Man's World Series 4 Stars (Reviews)
by Becca Van (Red Heart)-Contemporary Menage Romance
  1. Savage Construction (Gypsy/Leo, Perry & Ivan)
  2. Detective Shea (Lori/Ward, Colby & Scott)
  3. Roxy's Flight Instructors (Roxy/Dusty, Booker & Stefan)
McCabe Trilogy 4 Stars (Reviews)
by Maya Banks (Red Heart)-Highlander Romance
  1. In Bed with a Highlander (Ewan/Mairin)
  2. Seduction of a Highland Lass (Alaric/Keeley)
  3. Never Love a Highlander (Caelen/Rionna)
The McCutcheon Family Series 4 Stars (Reviews)
by Caroline Fyffe (White Heart)-Historical Prairie/Western Romance
  1. Montana Dawn (Luke/Faith)
  2. Texas Twilight (John/Lily)
  3. Evie (Evie/Chance)
  4. Heather (Heather/Hayden)
  5. Moon Over Montana (Charity/Brandon)
  6. Kathryn (Kathryn/Tobit)
The McJames Series
by Mary Wine
  1. In Bed with a Stranger
  2. In the Warrior's Bed
  3. Bedding the Enemy
The McTiernays Series 4 Stars (Reviews)
by Michele Sinclair (Red Heart)-Highlander Romance
  1. The Highlander's Bride (Conor/Laurel)
  2. To Wed a Highlander (Colin/Makenna)
  3. Desiring the Highlander (Cole/Ellenor)
  4. Tempting the Highlander (Crevan/Raelynd)
  5. Seducing the Highlander (Craig/Meriel)
  6. Highlander Desire (Conan/Mhairi)-TBA
  7. Highlander Love (Clyde/Maegan)-TBA
Medieval Trilogy
by Jill Barnett
  1. Wonderful
  2. Wild
  3. Wicked
Men in Blue Series 4.5 Stars (Reviews)
by Jayne Rylon-Contemporary Law Enforcement Romance
  1. Night is Darkest (Mason & Tyler/Lacey)
  2. Razor's Edge (Razor/Isabella)
  3. Mistress's Master (Jeremy "JRad"/Lily)
  4. Spread Your Wings (Matt & Clint/Jambrea)
  5. Wounded Hearts (Lucas/Ellie)
  6. Bound For You (Ryan & Ben/Shari)-Nov 2015
Mischievous Fairytales Series 3 Stars (Reviews)
by Honor James (Red Heart)-Paranormal/Fantasy Ménage Fairytale-Retelling
  1. Prince Charming
  2. The Big, Bad Wolves
  3. Goldie and Her Bears
  4. The Huntsmen (Snow/Dierk, Niklaus & Baldric)
  5. Sleeping Beau
Montana Sky Series 4.5 Stars (Reviews)
by Debra Holland (Pink Heart)-Historical Prairie/Western Romance
  1. Beneath Montana's Sky (Pamela/John Carter)
  2. Trudy (Trudy/Seth)
  3. Lina (Lina/Jonah)
  4. Darcy (Darcy/Gideon)
  5. Prudence (Prudence/Michael)
  6. Bertha (Bertha/Howie)
  7. Grace (Grace/Frey)
  8. Wild Montana Sky (Elizabeth/Nick Sanders)
  9. Starry Montana Sky (Samantha/Wyatt Thompson)
  10. Stormy Montana Sky (Harriet Stanton/Ant Gordon)
  11. Montana Sky Christmas (Red/Louisa, Harry/Sally, Pepe/Lucia)
  12. A Valentine's Choice (Bridget O'Donnell/James)
  13. Irish Blessing-TBA
  14. Easter Reunion-TBA
  15. Painted Montana Sky (Lily/Tyler Dunn)
  16. Glorious Montana Sky (Delia/Joshua Norton)
  17. Healing Montana Sky (Antonia/Erik)
  18. Sweetwater Springs Christmas (Blythe/Peter, Julia/Sam, Ellie/Cal, Abigail/Benedict, Grace/Andrew, Vi/Rory)
  19. Sweetwater Springs Scrooge (Elias/Marian)
  20. Mystic Montana Sky (Maggie/Caleb Livingston)
  21. Montana Sky Justice (Sheriff K. C. Granger)-TBA
The Montgomerys and Armstrongs Series 
by Maya Banks (Red Heart)-Highlander Romance  5 Stars (Reviews)
  1. Never Seduce a Scot (Graeme/Eveline)
  2. Highlander Most Wanted (Bowen/Genevieve)
  3. Highland Ever After (Brodie/Taliesan)-TBA
The Morgans' Brides Series 3.5 Stars (Reviews)
by Cia Leah (Pink Heart)-Historical Western Romance
  1. Caleb's Mail Order Bride (Caleb/Sissy)
  2. Breed's Mail Order Bride (Breed/Susan)
  3. Kato's Christmas Bride (Kato/Cassie)
  4. J. T. Morgan's Mail Order Bride (J. T./Annie)
Murphy's Laws of Time Travel Series 5 Stars
by Jianne Carlo (Red Heart)-Paranormal Time-Travel Shifter Romance (Reviews)
  1. That Pearly Drop (Ian/Emma)
Nebraska Legacy Series 4 Stars (Reviews)
by DiAnn Mills (White Heart)-Christian Historical Romance
  1. Mail-Order Husband (Gabe/Lena)
  2. Temporary Husband (Riley/Nettie)
  3. Kiowa Husband (Painted Hands/Sarah Jane)
  4. Renegade Husband (Caleb/Audra)
New Species Series
by Laurann Dohner
  1. Fury
  2. Slade
  3. Valiant
  4. Justice
  5. Brawn
  6. Wrath
  7. Tiger
  8. Obsidian
  9. Shadow
  10. Moon
The Northern Knights Series 4 Stars (Reviews)
by Amber Dane (Red Heart)-English Warrior Romance
  1. Gem of Gravane (Aric/Danielle)
  2. Conquering the Dark Axe (Rourke/Alexa)
  3. The Beast of Renald (Darc/Caroline)
  4. A Gathering of Knights (Epilogue)
Pack Law Series 3 Stars (Reviews)
by Becca Van (Red Heart)-Contemporary Paranormal/Fantasy Ménage Romance
  1. Set Me Free (Michelle/Jonah, Mikhail & Brock)
  2. Kiera's Wolf Saviors (Keira/Greg, Jake & Devon)
  3. Mate For Three (Talia/Blayk, Chris & James)
  4. Werewolf Mates (Sam/Justin, Roan & Chet)
  5. Vegetarian Mate (Rochelle/Jarrod, Malcolm & Braxton)
  6. Love Found (Alyson/Rylan, Tarkyn & Chevy)
  7. Carter Finds Two Mates (Carter, Crag & Tammy)
Pearls Series 5 Stars (Reviews)
by Emily Ryan-Davis (Red Heart)-Western Romance
Powertools Series 4 Stars (Reviews)
by Jayne Rylon (Red Heart)-Contemporary Ménage Romance
  1. Kate's Crew (Mike/Kate)
  2. Morgan's Surprise (Joe/Morgan)
  3. Kayla's Gift (Dave/Kayla)
  4. Devon's Pair (Neil & James/Devon)
  5. Nailed to the Wall (The Full Crew)
  6. Hammer it Home (The Full Crew)
         Continues with the Hot Rods Series

Prairie Devils MC Series 4 Stars (Reviews)
by Nicole Snow (Red Heart)-Contemporary Biker Romance
  1. Outlaw Kind of Love (Jack "Throttle"/Rach)
  2. Nomad Kind of Love (Aaron "Maverick"/June)
  3. Savage Kind of Love (Michael "Blaze"/Shelly "Saffron")
  4. Wicked Kind of Love (John "Tank"/Emma)
  5. Bitter Kind of Love (Lucas "Stinger"/Alice)
    Continues with the Grizzlies MC Series

Prairie Hearts Series 4.5 Stars (Reviews)
by Caroline Fyffe (White/Pink Heart)-Historical Prairie/Western Romance
  1. Where the Wind Blows (Chase/Jessie)
  2. Before the Larkspur Blooms (Thom/Hannah)
  3. West Winds of Wyoming (Charlie/Nell)
Prymal Series 4.5 Stars (Reviews)
by Jianne Carlo (Red Heart)-Paranormal Shifter SEAL Romance
  1. Prymal Lust (Axe/Tania)
  2. Prymal Obsession (Brut Jurango/Sidonie)
  3. Prymal Passion (Bandit/Kata)
  4. Prymal Hunger (Kydd/Helle)-2016
The Quinter Brides 4 Stars (Reviews)
by Lauri Robinson (Pink Heart)-Historical Prairie/Western Romance
  1. Shotgun Bride (Kendell "Kid"/Jessie)
  2. Badland Bride (Steven "Skeeter"/Lila)
  3. Boot Hill Bride (Howard "Hog"/Randi)
  4. Guardian Bride (Scott "Snake"/Summer)
  5. Wildcat Bride (Brett "Bug"/Eva)
Reid Family Series
by Johanna Lindsey
  1. The Heir
  2. The Devil Who Tamed Her
  3. A Rogue of My Own
  4. Let Love Find You
The Return of the Highlanders Series 4.75 Stars
by Margaret Mallory (Red Heart)-Highlander Romance (Reviews)
  1. The Guardian (Ian/Sileas)
  2. The Sinner (Alex/Glynis)
  3. The Warrior (Duncan/Moira)
  4. The Chieftain (Connor/Ilysa)
Rock Chick Series 4 Stars (Reviews)
by Kristen Ashley (Red Heart)-Contemporary Romance
  1. Rock Chick (Lee Nightingale/Indy)
  2. Rock Chick Rescue (Eddie Chavez/Jet)
  3. Rock Chick Redemption (Hank Nightingale/Roxie)
  4. Rock Chick Renegade (Vance Crowe/Jules)
  5. Rock Chick Revenge (Luke Stark/Ava)
  6. Rock Chick Reckoning (Kai Mason "Mace"/Stella)
  7. Rock Chick Regret (Hector Chavez/Sadie)
  8. Rock Chick Revolution (Ally Nightingale/Ren)
  9. continues with Mace's security agency in L.A.

Roxton Series
by Lucinda Brant-Historical Romance
  1. Noble Satyr
  2. Midnight Marriage
  3. Autumn Duchess
Sand Hill Romance Series 4 Stars (Reviews)
by Billi Tiner (Red Heart)-Historical Western Romance
  1. Scarred Hearts (Claire/Nathan)
  2. Second Chance Hearts (Rachel/Chance)
  3. Wounded Hearts (Suzanna/Hawk)
Scottish Medieval Series 4 Stars (Reviews)
by Brenda Joyce (Pink Heart)-Highlander Romance
  1. The Warrior and the Rose (Alasdair/Juliana)
  2. A Rose in the Storm (Alexander/Margaret)
Shefford's Knights Series
by Johanna Lindsey
  1. Defy Not the Heart
  2. Joining
Sherring Cross Series
by Johanna Lindsey
  1. Man of My Dreams
  2. Love Me Forever
  3. The Pursuit
The Sinclair Brothers Trilogy 4.5 Stars (Reviews)
by Emma Prince (Red Heart)-Highlander Romance
  1. Highlander's Ransom (Robert/Alwin)
  2. Highlander's Redemption (Garrick/Jossalyn)
  3. Highlander's Return (Burke/Meredith)
  4. Highlander's Reckoning (Daniel/Rona)
Sisters by Choice Series 5 Stars (Reviews)
by Mary McCall (Red Heart)-Paranormal Highlander Romance
  1. Highland Treasure (Leonce/Hope)
  2. Highland Captive (Alera/Duncan)
  3. Highland Promise (Brendan/Faith)
  4. Highland Legacy (Michael/Christina)-TBA
  5. Highland Destiny-TBA
Sister of Magic Series
by Donna Grant
  1. Shadow Magic
  2. Echoes of Magic
  3. Dangerous Magic
Slick Rock Series 4 Stars (Reviews)
by Becca Van (Red Heart)-Contemporary Ménage Romance
  1. Slick Rock Cowboys (Tara/Clay & Johnny)
  2. Double E Ranch (Felicity/Luke, Tom & Billy)
  3. Her Ex-Marines (Rachel/Damon, Tyson & Sam)
  4. Leah's Irish Heroes (Leah/Connell & Seamus)
  5. Her Shadow Men (Debbie/Britt & Daniel)
  6. Her Personal Security (Kayli/Giles, Remy & Brandon)
  7. Shelby's Saviors (Shelby/Cord & Brandt)
  8. Accepting Eva (Eva/Quin, Gray & Pierson)
  9. Capturing Kylie (Kylie/Xavier, Lachlan & Will)
  10. Triple M Ranch (Cash/Bruce, Cain & Danny)
  11. A Fresh Start for Tori (Tori/Luther, Jeremiah & Bryant)
  12. Loving Sanctuary (Sabrina/Trick, Trent & Tristan)
Special Delivery Series 4 Stars (Reviews)
by Heidi Cullinan (Red Heart)-M/M Contemporary BDSM Romance
  1. Special Delivery (Mitch/Sam)
  2. Hooch & Cake (Wedding Novella)
  3. Double Blind (Randy/Ethan)
  4. The Twelve Days of Randy (Holiday Novella)
  5. Tough Love (Steve/Chenco)
The Stolen Bride Series 4.5 Stars (Reviews)
by Eliza Knight (Red Heart)-Highlander Romance
  1. The Highlander's Temptation-Prequel (Jamie/Lorna)
  2. The Highlander's Reward (Magnus/Arbella)
  3. The Highlander's Conquest (Blane/Aliah)
  4. The Highlander's Lady (Daniel/Myra)
  5. The Highlander's Warrior Bride (Ronan/Julianna)
  6. The Highlander's Triumph (Brandon/Mariana)
  7. The Highlander's Sin (Duncan/Heather)
  8. Wild Highland Mistletoe (Holiday Novella-Magnus/Arbella, Blane/Aliah)
  9. The Highlander's Charm (Samuel/Catriona)-Feb 2015 (Kissing the Highlander Anthology)
The Surrender Trilogy 4 Stars (Reviews)
by Maya Banks (Red Heart)-Contemporary BDSM Romance
  1. Letting Go (Joss/Dash)
  2. Giving In (Kylie/Jensen)
  3. Taking It All (Chessy/Tate)
The Sutherlands Series 4 Stars (Reviews)
by Mary Wine (Red Heart)-Highlander Romance
  1. The Highlander's Prize (Broen/Clarrisa)
  2. The Trouble with Highlanders (Norris/Daphne)
  3. How to Handle a Highlander (Gahan/Moira)
  4. The Highlander's Bride Trouble (Saer/Nareen)
The Tangled Hearts Trilogy 5 Stars (Reviews)
by Maya Banks (Red Heart)-Contemporary Ménage Romance
  1. Theirs to Keep
  2. Always Mine-TBA
  3. Forever Ours-TBA
Twilight Saga  3.5 Stars (Reviews)
by Stephenie Meyer (White/Pink Heart)-Fantasy/Romance

  1. Twilight
  2. New Moon
  3. Eclipse
  4. The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner
  5. Breaking Dawn
Unexpected Bride Series
by Melissa Jagears-Historical Romance
  1. Love by the Letter
  2. A Bride for Keeps
  3. A Bride in Store
The Unfinished Hero Series 4 Stars (Reviews)
by Kristen Ashley (Red Heart)-Contemporary Romance
  1. Knight (Knight/Anya)
  2. Creed (Creed/Sylvie)
  3. Raid (Raid/Hanna)
  4. Deacon (Deacon/Cassidy)
  5. Sebring (Nick)-TBA

Vampires and Werewolves Series 5 Stars (Reviews)
by Laurann Dohner (Red Heart)-Contemporary Fantasy Romance
  1. Scarred and Kilt (Blaron/Matty)
  2. Mine to Chase (Chase/Jasmine)
  3. Lacey and Lethal (Lethal/Lacey)
Viking Series
by Michelle Styles
  1. Taken by the Viking
  2. Viking Warrior, Unwilling Wife
  3. The Viking's Captive Princess
Viking Haardrad Family Series
by Johanna Lindsey
  1. Fires of Winter
  2. Hearts Aflame
  3. Surrender My Love
Viking Vengeance Series 5 Stars (Reviews)
by Jianne Carlo (Red Heart)-Paranormal Viking Romance
  1. Malice Striker (Brokk/Skatha)
  2. Death Blow (Konall/Nyssa)
  3. Vengeance Hammer (Draddor/Xara)
Viking Warriors Series 4.5 Stars (Reviews)
by Jianne Carlo (Red Heart)-Viking Romance
  1. The Bear and the Bride (Torsten/Ainslin)
  2. The Dragon Slayer (Ruard/Catriona)
  3. The Peacemaker (Njal/Bettina)
  4. The Destroyer (Magnus/Deidra)
  5. The Seducer (Jarvik/Elaina)
Wind Dancer Series 4.5 Stars (Reviews)
by Jianne Carlo (Red Heart)-Contemporary Billionaire Romance
  1. Manhandled (Rolan/Sarita)
  2. Notorious (Terry/Su-Lin)
  3. Carnal (Harry/Martine)
Wish Come True Series 4.5 Stars (Reviews)
by R. C. Matthews (Red Heart)-Contemporary Romance
  1. Date Night (Jordan/J. T.)-Note: Jordan & J. T. also appear in Little White Lies
  2. Fair Game (Jared/Leah)
  3. Begin Again (Tyler/Chase)
  4. The Mastermind
Wolf's Pass Shifters Series 4.5 Stars (Reviews)
by Marla Monroe (Red Heart)-Contemporary Wolf Shifter Ménage Romance

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