Thursday, January 24, 2013

The Sinner by Margaret Mallory

The Sinner by Margaret Mallory
The Return of the Highlanders Series, Book 2
Publisher: Forever (November 2011)
416 pages, eBook (purchased myself for $6.64)
Book Rating: 5 Stars
Sensuality: Red Heart

Alex is a known philanderer and Glynis has no desire to be humiliated by that sort of man, as she was with her first husband, but the more they are thrown together, practical and bodily forces pull them together in an unlikely union that neither of them is sure can last. I loved that this story started with a prophecy, as did the first book in this series. I loved both of these characters, both struggling so hard to find what they cannot name, right up until it is almost too late to claim it. And I love how this author never gives her characters the easy way out. There was no sudden change of heart or surprise discovery that suddenly made everything okay, just the slow, methodical, and sometimes painful growth of character, the result of which makes everything that came before it worth it. Great Story! The next book in this series is The Warrior, about Alex's friend Duncan.

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