Sunday, August 25, 2013

One Bride for Seven Brothers by Anne Glynn

One Bride for Seven Brothers by Anne Glynn
Publisher: Blackpool Press (May 2013)
61 pages, eBook (purchased myself for $0.99)
Book Rating: 4 Stars
Sensuality: Pink Heart

Desperate for money, Flora's fiancé advertises her as a prospective mail-order bride (unbeknownst to her) and hustles the prospective grooms for cash . . . that is until one of the grooms shows up on their doorstep ready to whisk Flora away. Nice little twist to the mail-order bride type of story, providing a bit of mystery around everyone involved, and their motives and intentions. I'm glad Flora finally saw the light about her fiancé, Clyde, before it was too late. Brody was sweet, though I didn't feel we got to see much of him in this short story. I would be interested to read a follow-up to this story, to find out how Brody's six brothers fair in their courtship of Flora. Enjoyable, light-hearted read.

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