Saturday, March 8, 2014

The Raider by Monica McCarty

The Raider by Monica McCarty
The Highland Guard Series, Book 8
Publisher: Ballantine Books (February 2014)
418 pages, eBook (purchased myself for $5.49)
Book Rating: 3 Stars
Sensuality: Red Heart

After watching the rebel prisoners from her tower window when she was young, Rosalin had fallen in love with Robbie Boyd, leading her to aid in his escape, a decision she'd questioned since, given what she'd heard of the man in the following years, but when they are thrown together once again it all comes rushing back . . . too bad the feeling isn't exactly mutual. Rosalin was such a great heroine, strong, determined, loyal and with an unbiased sense of justice that was admirable. I loved that she came right out and told the truth, no matter how difficult it was or what the consequences may be, never hiding secrets or causing unnecessary trouble that way. Robbie may have had potential when he was younger, but the hardened man he had become was difficult to like. I don't know how Rosalin had the will to continue trying after a while. He was mean, distrustful and bitter, and gave her very little encouragement or hope along the way. It wasn't until the very end of the story, when it was almost too late, that he finally saw the light (like so many other men in this series). I hope at least one of the remaining stories in this series deviate from the formula and show a man willing to fight to obtain and keep his lady, without all this duty-bound reluctance that plagues the rest (given the blurb for Arrow I don't hold out much hope for him--Dragon and Striker you are my only hope). I look forward to Dragon's return with Bella's daughter, Joan, (from The Viper) and hope to read his story soon. The next book in this series is The Arrow, due out in August.

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