Friday, April 11, 2014

Renegade Husband by DiAnn Mills

Renegade Husband by DiAnn Mills
Nebraska Legacy Series, Book 4
Publisher: Barbour Books (March 2013)
176 pages, eBook (purchased myself for $1.99)
Book Rating: 4 Stars
Sensuality: White Heart

Upon learning of his son's wish to marry, the local pastor follows his urging to find a bride for him and asks Audra to consider the proposition of heading west to marry his son, Chris, who is also a pastor. But once she arrives she finds the situation between Chris and his twin brother, Caleb, is muddy and troubling, one of them an outlaw and she's not sure which it is. As the good brother, Caleb, was a wonderful hero and there wasn't really anything not to like about him, so of course he deserved to get the girl, but more than once I wished the few encouraging glimpses of Chris could have transformed into him being the hero in the story who got the girl (not that I'd want Caleb to suffer or not get his girl, for he truly deserved happiness), and I just wish the conclusion had been a little less black and white. But, as it was set up, I was glad of the bit of hope for Chris in the end and I enjoyed the investigating and adventure as everyone scrambled about trying to figure out what to do in the impossible situation. Engaging Read!

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