Sunday, May 4, 2014

Little White Lies by R. C. Matthews

Little White Lies by R. C. Matthews
Publisher: Crimson Romance (March 2014)
251 pages, eBook (provided by the Author for review)
Book Rating: 5 Stars
Sensuality: Pink Heart

Madalyn belatedly realizes she can't go through with her high-profile wedding, leaves her fiancĂ© at the altar, and goes on the honeymoon cruise alone determined to turn over a new leaf and make a fresh beginning while the media frenzy dies down . . . too bad she forgot her dining reservations were for the newlywed table, making it inconvenient that she doesn't have a husband. Royce is looking for a way to take his mind off business and posing as Madalyn's husband sounds like an amusing way to spend their week-long cruise, so he offers and Madalyn's acceptance of the deal leads to much more than either of them could have foreseen.  I loved this story! What started as fun and games, became serious, and there were so many layers to their relationship it was hard to tell what was real and what wasn't, but the time they spent together on the cruise and with the group of friends they met while on board was exquisite . . . like one long romantic weekend. I liked the way both Madalyn and Royce focused on making the most of the time they had, instead of dwelling on the uncertainty of the future. Madalyn's leap of faith toward the end was awesome, and showed such growth of character from the beginning of the story when she saw very little grey area in any situation. Great Read! It would be fun to read Craig and Jeanine's (Madalyn's sister) story. I'm excited to read Jordan and J.T.'s story in Date Night, the brief overview of their story given while on the cruise with Royce and Madalyn sounded intriguing!

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