Thursday, June 5, 2014

A Simple Christmas by Blaire Brand

A Simple Christmas by Blaire Brand
Publisher: Blaire Brand (January 2014)
20 pages, eBook (purchased myself for $0.99)
Book Rating: 3 Stars
Sensuality: White Heart

Nathan, has a crush on the neighbor girl, Lucy, and is happy when he is asked by his mother to take her into town for supplies on Christmas Eve, but they get stuck in a snowstorm on the way home and are forced to take shelter in a hunting cabin. This was a sweet little story about a girl noticing the quiet young man that had always been around but she'd never taken notice of before. I really liked Nathan's character (shy, quiet and thought by some to be lacking in intelligence) feeling it had so much potential to get interesting, but it fell a little flat for me when it became apparent that nothing much was going to happen, other than Lucy figuring out a few things internally. Nevertheless, decent read for the length.

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