Sunday, June 8, 2014

Frozen Trip by Emily Wendling

Frozen Trip by Emily Wendling
Bondage/BDSM Collection, Issue 2
Publisher: Yellow Dragon Publishing (June 2014)
29 pages, eBook (provided to me by the author)
Book Rating: 2 Stars
Sensuality: Red Heart

This is actually two stories (New York Legal and Frozen Trip).
New York Legal is about Naomi, a Jewish young woman trying to make her way up the ranks in a law firm after finishing law school and dealing with unbelievable sexual harassment from the senior partners in the firm. Bubba (stereotypical large, angry black man) is performing his janitorial duties after hours, when Naomi offends him verbally and he decides to force himself on her in revenge. This starts out as non-consensual and gradually moves into more of a dubious consent realm. 
Frozen Trip is about two sisters, Jean and Rachel, heading back home for Christmas break when they get a flat tire and are stranded on a deserted road in frigid temperatures. Edward and his brother, Jason, come by in their SUV, seeming to be the help the sisters needed, but they have dastardly ideas about how they will get paid for giving the girls a ride.
Both these stories featured graphic descriptions of disgusting men that were brutally violent about taking what they wanted from the women in question, none of the men caring that it was against the woman's will (and for the most part the men enjoyed that fact). I can't really say that this is my cup of tea, but I did think the non-consensual scenarios seemed fairly realistically written. They'll probably give me nightmares.

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