Saturday, October 4, 2014

Set Me Free by Becca Van

Set Me Free by Becca Van
Pack Law Series, Book 1
Publisher: Siren Publishing (February 2012)
101 pages, eBook (purchased myself for $4.24)
Book Rating: 3 Stars
Sensuality: Red Heart

Michelle is new in town and working as a librarian, hoping small town life will agree with her, when the Friess Brothers (Jonah, Mikhail and Brock) catch her scent and realize she is their mate, prompting them to aggressively pursue her. Michelle displays drastic personality shifts and sudden debilitating attacks of pain which make for unpredictable plot twists. The guys could have been fleshed out a bit more, but were good generic handsome alphas. Nice fun romp. The story's a little rushed, lacks detail and contains some editorial mistakes/plot holes, but at around 100 pages I didn't expect anything too elaborate. If you are looking for a quick shifter menage read and don't plan to get overly hung up on the details, this is a fun option, and I look forward to continuing the series.

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