Monday, November 17, 2014

Chieftain by Command by Frances Housden

Chieftain by Command by Frances Housden
The Chieftain Series, Book 2
Publisher: Escape Publishing (September 2014)
212 pages, eBook (purchased myself for $3.53)
Book Rating: 4 Stars
Sensuality: Red Heart

Neither Gavyn nor Kathryn are very pleased by the King’s decree that they wed, but after some prideful posturing and a two-year absence in which Gavyn goes abroad to seek fortune with his mercenaries, both seem resigned to make the best of things, though they have a rough start of it even then, a lunatic on the loose not helping things. This is a romance story with a bit of murder mystery woven in the background. Gavyn and Kathryn both had quite a temper, leading to many frays where they both said things in haste that they later regretted, and I did wish they wouldn’t hurt each other so deeply, so often, but it was very true to character. There were so many great secondary characters in this and their stories were just as touching as the main characters. I can’t wait for Rob’s story, and I look forward to reading Jamie’s story in the next book in this series, The Chieftain’s Feud!

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