Saturday, November 1, 2014

Love Scars: Bad Boy’s Bride by Nicole Snow

Love Scars: Bad Boy’s Bride by Nicole Snow
Publisher: Ice Lips Press (October 2014)
156 pages, eBook
(borrowed from the Kindle Owner’s Lending Library)
Book Rating: 4 Stars
Sensuality: Red Heart

Anna’s father’s business affairs have gone awry and she’s become part of the plan to stabilize things, but she’s given virtually no information about anything and dropped off at a ramshackle house by her father’s men, only to be picked up by a man named David, who claims to be her husband and has the documentation to prove it. It appears she’s been used as a bargaining chip, so the only thing left to do is choose a side, her father or David? David is a mob boss, bad boy—coarse, forceful, and driven—determined to have Anna for his own, and failure is not a concept he is familiar with. His determination and confidence in achieving his goal of having Anna as his own was bewitching. He could be harsh and savage, and he wasn’t particularly compassionate, especially in the beginning, but despite his rough facade, I always felt his heart was in the right place. The dialogue got a little cheesy at times, but it was a good short read.

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