Friday, January 9, 2015

The Maidens’ Convent by Larissa Luxe

The Maidens’ Convent by Larissa Luxe
Publisher: Larissa Luxe (January 2015)
31 pages, eBook (provided by the Author for review)
Book Rating: 4 Stars
Sensuality: Red Heart

Master Daniel is a power-driven, egotistical rich man who is looking for a virgin to worship him, luckily the Maidens’ Convent trains submissive virgins to be an acceptable bride to someone like Daniel. Vanessa was chosen by Master Daniel to be his bride, but she fears giving up her virginity. The mixture of historical and contemporary imagery with the strange melding of sexual and religious themes gives this story a dreamlike quality that is very interesting. Master Daniel thrives on control and he is eager to “break” this woman that dares to not want to be chosen by him or have him take her virginity. Much of the story seemed aimed at taking Vanessa out of her comfort zone (by force, if necessary), and regardless of Master Daniel’s motives, I thought that was really intriguing. Though I’m not sure I would really call the ending a “Happily Ever After”, Vanessa did seem content in the end, so I guess that’s good enough for me. Quick Read!

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