Friday, August 28, 2015

Bearing the Monster’s Baby by Monica Thornton

Bearing the Monster’s Baby by Monica Thornton
Publisher: Oynx Publishing (August 2015)
232 pages, eBook (available for FREE on Amazon, Aug. 27-29)
Book Rating: 5 Stars
Sensuality: Red Heart

Margery is a college student with an unhealthy attraction to bad boys, drama and a lust for being treated badly, which serves to make brusque and extremely anti-social Martin the most attractive man on the planet, enhanced repeatedly by everyone she meets warning her off of him—including Martin himself. When I started reading this, I was expecting a typical shape-shifter romance—but this story was dark, gritty, weird, and disturbing—almost to the point of being comical at times. I’ve never read anything like this. Margery is borderline insane and her line of reasoning is disconcerting throughout much of the story—she has very little drive for self-preservation—but I liked that she (and the narrator) knew she was insane (or at the very least abnormal). Martin was a complex, interesting character himself, struggling with his “demons” while trying to ward off a stalker (Margery) for her own good. I loved the ending! Will Angela get her own story? Great read!

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