Friday, September 4, 2015

Knight by Kristen Ashley

Knight by Kristen Ashley
The Unfinished Heroes Series, Book 1
Publisher: Kristen Ashley (April 2012)
285 pages, eBook (purchased myself for $3.99)
Book Rating: 4 Stars
Sensuality: Red Heart

When her cell phone dies at a party she is more than ready to leave, Anya is thrown into the path of Knight, an intense man who is less than happy about the party his brother is throwing in their apartment. Knight drives her home, hoping it will calm him, but seeing Anya’s ramshackle apartment building sends him into protective mode and repeated encounters solidify his need to see she’s taken care of. I had taken an extended break from this author (despite her being one of my favorites) needing to recover from reading For You (Book 1 of the ‘Burg Series—so raw and intense it still haunts me). I have been reluctant to start this book ever since I learned that the Hero was a pimp with a stable full of girls (what Kristen Ashley terms an anti-hero), but I decided to take the plunge and was surprised to find that once everything was explained and laid out before me, it wasn’t as off-putting as I’d thought it’d be. Knight was intense, EXTREMELY controlling and not all that forthcoming (especially at first), but he was great paired with Anya and I loved her quiet, almost shy personality. My one problem with this book is Anya calling Knight “Daddy”. It became especially off-putting during the sex scenes and paired with him calling her “Baby”—“Daddy’s Baby,” etc.—it just wasn’t for me. That aside, I loved this story! Knight was ultra protective and I loved that about him. Great story and I look forward to reading Creed!

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