Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Tempting the Highlander by Michele Sinclair

Tempting the Highlander by Michele Sinclair
The McTiernays Series, Book 4
Publisher: Zebra Books (September 2011)
351 pages, eBook (purchased myself for $4.61)
Book Rating: 3 Stars
Sensuality: Red Heart

With his twin daughters refusing to marry and no mother to guide them, Laird Schellden hatches a plot to ensure that his clan will be in good hands once he is gone, and he is only too pleased when the McTiernay twins, Craig and Crevan, go along with it and agree to a temporary engagement to his daughters, Raelynd and Meriel. This story revolves around three couples: Crevan & Raelynd, Craig & Meriel, and Cyric & Rowena. This whole thing was such an unholy mess and by the end, the continued misunderstandings between various people became quite tedious, only compounded by the fact that it only seemed to be getting worse and not better. The main story centers on Crevan and Raelynd, and I did really like them as main characters, in fact they are probably my favorite of the series thus far, which is why it is such a shame that the plot was so frustrating. Both characters had significant growth in the course of the story, which was great, but I do not think any of the convoluted mess was necessary to achieving it. Regardless, the characters were great and I do love this series. The next book in this series is Seducing the Highlander, due out June 2013, about Craig and Meriel.

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