Thursday, June 28, 2012

Breeding Stock by Melissa Harlow

Breeding Stock by Melissa Harlow
The Breeding Stock Saga, Book 1
Publisher: Sizzler Editions (September 2010)
171 pages, eBook (purchased myself for $5.99)
Book Rating: 4 Stars
Sensuality: Red Heart
I really liked this story. The post-apocalyptic breeding storyline got my attention. The story was so well developed and the main characters were all so wonderfully complex. This story was gritty and a bit dark at times, which I like. The only problem I had with it was that the sex was way more rough than I would prefer, but if you like that sort of thing, this could be right up your alley. The interaction between 'Drea and the two men, Jackson and Bennett, was interesting to watch develop, and the ending was beautiful.

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  1. A friend of mine sent me a link to your post here. Thank you so much for taking the time to read and review my book.
    Best Wishes,
    Melissa Harlow